Monday, April 23, 2018

Marvin X Plastic Poem for Earth Day and Beyond

Marvin X
I don't want the Christian truth, Muslim truth, Communist truth, Capitalist truth, Hindu truth, Rasta truth, Kemet truth, Yoruba truth, I want the whole truth, so help me Creator!"
--Marvin X, revised from original quote in Jet Magazine, Negro Bible

Plastic man
Ugly plastic shoes
No daddy ugly shoes
No Stacy Adams
Plastic ugly shit
No daddy shit
Pants off behind prison gay shit
Anything advertised for sale no?
Punk is punk
Prison punk hood punk same
Weak is weak
Warrior warrior same
Solid don’t break solid
Weak nigga weak in hood
Big yard took
Solid don’t bend
China make
50 cent shoe
nigga pay $300.00
Trick nigga trick
Life trick
How you start how you end
Game don’t change
Better ax somebody
Bitch nigga
He in da mix
kill fa shoes
No hustle ass nigga
Wait fa bitch money ass nigga
Pimpin sympin
mama’s house bicycle pimp
Pimp first cousin sista pimp
Get real shamin’ game nigga pimp
Nigga ho’ love pimp
Baby mama pimp
What ho’ stay nigga
Ho’ come ho’ go nigga
Ax Fillmore where his ho’s
Where day go
Mental hospital
Church ho’
Preacher pimp
Ho’ church ho
Dress so tight
Can’t listen preacher sermon
Eyes stuck ho’s ass
Thank you Jesus
Thank you Jesus
Ho’ heaven ho’ go
Fillmore say don’t beat ho’
Ho’ come back
Marry go round ho
Fillmore say.

Poor ghetto nigga kill fa nigga shoes
Fuck dat bitch ass nigga
Yeah I smoked ‘m took shoes
Took money too
Ma baby mama gotta eat
Baby too
Pampers fool
Plastic car
neon lights fish
japan radiation fish
plastic whale fish
sardine can plastic fish
plastic islands bigger 'n two Texas
Plastic island bigger’n two texas
No matter
International waters plastic island
plastic dicks pussies
plastic ho's
plastic love
plastic cell phone sex
no touch feel sex
text sex climax
baby I lick ya stick ya
cum girl cum
cum phone cum
ho suckin fuckin
pimp listening
make dat white man cum ho'
get ma money bitch
don't spend all night wit dat nigga can't cum
fuck him
get white trick cum quick
git ma money bitch
all niggas sick
Nigga lie say I’m woke
Nigga comatose
Sleep in eyes walkin’ dead
Plastic cell phone dead
Crack hand dead yesterday
Cell phone hand dead today
Dead is dead
Freddie’s Dead
You heard?
Freddie’s Dead

Freddy sick
ho' sick
pimp sick
trick sick
wife home sick
children sick
plastic tv sick
preacher sick
teacher sick
what song say
preachers gotta preach new way
teachers gotta teach new way
wake up everybody

square bitch sick
square nigga sick
can't rap pussy date sick
Ho’ know nigga hit pipe go limp dick
Plastic dildo purse sick
Limp dick nigger
No rap nigga
All niggas ain’t Kanye P Diddy Jay Z
all niggas can't rap
crack got no rappin' niggas pussy first time history
no rap nigga got pussy crack rock pussy no matter pussy pussy
nerd got pussy old man grandfather get pussy
no age grade square shit
grandfather got rock
grandfather get young pussy
crack rock mama son pussy/dick
Sleep in same bed love
Let me serve you son
Fuck dem crack ho’s son
Let me suck yo dick son

crack rock father/daughter pussy/dick
father daughter baby cum love
Muslim/Christian father daughter love
daddy tongue kiss daughters crack love
auntie turn out niece pussy pussy love
niece want dick auntie want pussy pussy love
fuck dat nigga bitch
you ma bitch bitch
plastic dick love
wild wild west love
drop rock get cock love
hiv love
std love
suck dog dick love
bitch Rottweiler love
better get me a Rottweiler up in here
fuck a nigga dick

no rap no rhyme
crack rock talk square nigga talk
restaurant dinner bitch no eat
text message at $100.00 dinner
no talk
date wonder what up
I'm hip hop dude
get wit it
My generation gotta phone fuck
can't eat shit fuck phone
love ma plastic dick phone

no smile grin
$100.00 dinner phone fuck dude
plastic mind
hip hop plastic
plastic rhymes
sleepy time tea raps
where you at where you at
African precious minerals for where you at
low information vibration
no google conscious knowledge
where you at
pussy and dick songs
kill pussy and dick love
shower curtain plastic
sofa loveseat plastic
plastic conversation
Pseudo conscious Kemet
Moorish Science
Islam Supper Sunni

pay my phone bill daddy
Want some pussy
Pay phone bill
$700.00 phone
where you at
plastic phone
Plastic mind
What Amiri Baraka say,
“Where the soul’s print should be there is
Only a cellulose pouch of disgusting habits!”
plastic love
after nut then what
no look no talk
darkness love
don't wanna see you
look in eyes
climax wait
gotta call wait
hold nut please
answer phone
baby daddy call
I love you Dante
oh, baby baby
wait baby daddy
Dante make me cum
juices flow
Niagara Falls cum
Dante Dante Dante
Baby Daddy gotta go gotta go
text me BD
Next night
Dante no show
Plastic sex night
oil based love
petrochemical love
heal me doc
red pill
pain kill
no love kill pill
pain alone pill
anxiety stress
woman woman love pill
who is true
illusion pill
plastic love
just want appreciation pill
let me overdose true love pill
kiss me here there everywhere true love kiss
no one night stand please
Kiss you here there everywhere
No one night stand please
True love night
No alcohol drug night
Natural freak night please
Natural freak nigga please
Show me give me
Nathan Julia 60 year love pill
George Barbara Bush 70 year love pill
no seven minutes
after nut then what
no talk
no politics
don’t like you nigga
Jaguare Mercedes Benz nigga
Fake phony weak material boy
Material world nigga

gotta good job baby nigga
boss love me
only nigga on top team
hire white asian
tell me train them
take red pill
I am Job faithful to God
African  slave ship job ass nigga
Door of no return nigga
No jump ship nigga
Triangular trade nigga
Slaves sugar cane rum trinket ass nigga
Toussaint broke spell ass nigga
Vudun democratic society nigga
Let me dance my drum my god nigga
You dance
We dance
Drum call gods
All nigga gods
Cept jesus god
Fuck jesus god
Servants be obedient to masters god
Nat Turner god good
Dessellines kill mulattoes god good
Dessellines, I told you to prune tree
Not uproot it! Toussaint said
Denmark Vesey god
Gabriel Prosser
Black Thunder god
You my woman
Help me
Free our people woman
Gabriel say
Woman say I’m down Gabriel
Got yo back
Got yo front too Gabriel
Black Thunder
freedom or death
Black thunder
Harriet Tubman
I could’ve freed more slaves
If they had known they were slaves
God of liberation god
Liberty or death god
Cotton field nigga god
Sugar cane nigga god
Rice field nigga god
eternal job nigga god no god
Eternal job nigga god bitch ass nigga god
30 year fake gold watch nigga god
Let boss fuck my wife at xmas party nigga god
Jesus ass bitch nigga god
Dead god nigga jesus god dead
Bleeding cross lynching tree
Strange fruit jesus nigga god dead
Resurrection Nile Valley god
Hapi river god
Osiris Isis Horus
no cotton now
sugar cane
blue trane job
chain gang job for life
doing life
get pennies now
cage bird pennies
for life
13th Amendment Slave
death row slave
No sun moon stars
no human touch love
no wife no woman no cry
Bob Marley say
solitude plastic cell love
plastic fork love
Gang kill love
pay guard cell phone sex love
guard got yacht son need yacht love
call call call
pay me I call
baby come pay me guard say
pay God
all things possible
pay me
Guards run governor love
we say gov. do
what part you don't understand
My man
Revolutionary pay too
plastic move world
work it dog
work it
plastic water
petrochemical plastic food
you love it eat it like hog to slop
greasy soul food
kill mama food
cut mama legs soul food
eat mama gone
soul food love
Sick love
greasy slave food family love
no talk family dinner
tv loud football white man talk
Niggas run pig ball brain dead broke ass niggas
no love talk
family trauma no healing talk
Family predator no talk
Family know he rapist nieces nephews
Family sing Silent Night
plastic tv white man nigga slave athletes
control family love
no politics
family crazy nigga wanna tell truth
muzzled like dog
let's talk money bitches plastic car talk
plastic cell phone talk
Plastic rich nigga tv talk
muzzle crazy nigga black truth talk
Talk Jordan's Sean John
50 cent slave plastic shoes $500.00 talk
But we woke woke woke
plastic shoes mind dead woman blond hair woke
pants off behind man woman child woke
Know latest raps woke
know nothing woke
fake phony pseudo woke
bleaching cream woke
korean hair woke
korean eyes woke
korean nails woke
appreciate you
appreciate you
Salaam Alaikum
Salaam Alaikum.
--Marvin X